Sara fabels tattoo work is well know for it's bold lifework and fine lines. Sara uses the style os blackwork, which transfers to the usage of black ink only. All textures and appearances of shade , highlights and depth are created with rasterization, texturing, stippling or other methods suited for the particular design. 

Sara works with organic themes mixed with symbolism and geometric elements. Favorite concepts: Animals, specially birds, texture of feathers, fur, hair, skin, nails, teeth. Anatomical illustrations and textures of muscles, bone. Symbolism of the occult, religious symbolism, witchcraft. Mathematical elements and secret geometry. Large black areas and geometric elements. 

Choosing a tattoo design, size and location on the body;

As skin heals and ages it is important to remember that the tattoo will mature with the skin; Lines will soften and the blacks will fade to dark grey. This will happen to all skin types and can not be prevented with any aftercare. How the tattoo will look after healing is a combination of the tattoo, skin type and aftercare. During the tattoo process it is important for the client to stay relaxed and still to supply the tattoo artist the best possible surface to work on. Any rapid movements might affecting the artists ability to produce quality work. 

When choosing the design, giving the tattoo artist as much free room to plan out the design will ALWAYS result in a design that is going to be made by the artists best knowledge to suit the area of the body as well as making the design correspond the best to the artists own sense of aesthetics. It is important to choose an artists that sense of design is style is corresponding to the end all result you are looking for. Giving ideas and elements for the tattoo artist to use is always welcome, as well as inspiration pictures.

With choosing a size for a tattoo design, larger is often better. For larger designs the tattoo artist is able to add more detail to the designs without compromising the longdivity  of the design. This means that as the tattoo and skin ages and the lines in the tattoo naturally blur, the design will not become too unclear to "read". Larger design means that as the skin heals, there is more space for the natural "blurring" and the design will look better for longer time. There are always exception to this rule, but in general this applies to majority of tattoos.